Abedeen Academy

All day and all night

Abedeen offers full day classes from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. Our students spend the entire day on so many beneficial activities. Join us now! Don’t miss out. Education is expensive but ignorance, social ills, gangsterism, bullying and terrorism are unimaginably costly!

Excuse me

After spending 45 minutes to decipher a block graph in class, the students identified five questions to ask their fellow friends at Abedeen. The questions revolved around the things their friends like the most. Once their teacher approved the questions they chose to ask, they were ready to run their survey of what their friends liked the most.

Going back in time

A child knows no boundaries. As long as they are given a chance to learn, they will want to learn. As long as there is an opportunity to explore, they will explore. At Abedeen, one of our responsibilities is to allow our students to embrace their desire for knowledge. We do this by encouraging them to do the things they love, as long as it is educational for them.

The believers are but brothers

In the light of this Ayat, Abedeen Academy signed an agreement with Palestinian Culture Organization Malaysia (PCOM).
With this agreement, Abedeen Academy will award a full scholarship for five Palestinian students from different levels of education, and fifty partial sponsorship worth up to 40% for Arabic students who come from war zone countries Palestine, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.

The Ripple Effect

Albert Einstein’s quote that play is the highest form of research is true in every sense. Many times here at Abedeen, we have witnessed the beauty of students learning through doing, and more importantly, having fun while they are at it.

The brilliant mind

Word was going around about the brilliance of the Year 2 student. At the age of 8, he had memorised times table 2 – 12. He could add double digit numbers mentally. Once he understood the concept, give him any number, and he could solve it. He would get so quick in completing his work that he would peek at his next door friend’s work and start answering those as well. Brilliant boy. He obviously needed a challenge.


Welcome to Abedeen Academy’s blog. Read stories from the students and teachers about how learning has been revolutionised and customised to meet the learner’s capabilities. Abedeen’s classroom adopts the clinic concept. Each clinic is filled with information and learning aids for any student to learn from whenever they step into the clinic. Learning happens anywhere at Abedeen and it is certainly not restricted to sitting at the table with a pencil and a paper.