Are you a sceptic?

Fortnite forever

Fortnite is the best game currently in the world. People of all ages play fortnite. These are the reasons why Fortnite is the best game in the world.

Firstly, every 75 days there is a major update called season and every 4-5 days there are mini updates too. Updates are only for making the game exciting as there are always something new to look forward too. For example in updates Fortnite adds new stuff such as a new weapon or a vehicle.

Secondly, Fortnite can also be a career. The reason why it can be a career is because people these days like to watch others play so they too can improve at the game. For example if you play very good at the game and you record it, therefore you might go viral like this kid called Sceptic. Sceptic is a 9 year old who recorded his game play and it went viral. Now these days he earns about 1.1million US dollars for one video.

Thirdly, Fortnite never gets old or boring. The reason why it never gets old or boring is because it is a 100 V 100 game play. It has a lot of options or modes to play. For example Save the World, Solo, Duo, Squad, 50V50, Creative and Playground.

Lastly, Fortnite is unbeaten and will stay as the best game in the world, to me. You should also try Fortnite and if you have not, believe me you will love it.

Written by Saif Ullah Khan, Year 7 student of Abedeen International School