The Life of Chris

The Life of Chris

Waking up every morning without a right hand is hard, but for the past 18 years of his life, a boy named Chris has dealt with that. He even got a scholarship without one! He was, for some reason, a right handed person at birth, but he lacked a right hand.

Life was hard for Chris, but he did not give up on himself. He has always wanted to be a writer, however constant bullying from school and in his neighbourhood drove him to suicide at the age of 14. With God’s will, his best-friend was always there for him and helped brought him back. Still, with all of these events happening he did not care so after the suicide scenario he continued looking forward pursuing his interest in sports, that is football. This did not require hands, Chris thought to himself, so he did just that.

Eventually, he had done something he couldn’t have thought of when he started playing. He made it to the F.C Barcelona’s second team, which left all of his previous haters in shock and awe. He did not just stop there, he is currently pushing on trying to make it onto the first team.

Even though his life is a constant struggle, he delivered a powerful message to all those who are in the same situation as he is now. He has shown that if you cannot do something, there is always something better in God’s plan for you.

This story is based on true events and the constant struggle the writer faced during his childhood for being made fun of his weird name. The writer did have a right hand however at the point of composing this, his right hand was badly injured so he used his left hand instead. This turned out to be an interesting piece for the class to hear and learn.

Written by Ikaan Mohd Sinaan, Year 8 student of Abedeen International School