Of ethics and manners

        Martin Garrix by Ammar Zulkifli

Martijn Gerrard Garritsen is a 22 year old, Dutch Producer. He grew up in a musical life of his own. He got inspired after watching Tiesto performing at the 2004 Summer Olympics during a commercial break. Garrix became the number one DJ in 2016. People often disagree on the way he became the world’s greatest DJ at a very young age. Here are a few reasons why Martin Garrix is one of the most well deserved producers of all time.

Firstly, he worked hard at a time he didn’t know much about music. Martin stayed up all night behind his computer screen making music, until the point he collaborated with one of his close friends, Julian Jordan. They admitted that they had failed a lot of times. Martin said that even though these things happened don’t look down. His hard work still remains the same until this day.

Secondly, Garrix is also a very kind and humble person. He never once pushed aside anyone or disrespects them. Fans would always run up or raid him to take a picture with them. His music colleagues also mentioned that working with Martin is a joy compared to working with other artist. Martin is an easy person to work with all because of his energy. He is always happy outside and inside the studio and doesn’t get bored easily.

Lastly, he inspires young people when he makes music that has an amazing melody. I happen to make music because of him. He inspires me so much when it comes to melodies. For example, Martin once went to South Africa and visited a bunch of kids. He met them and has very long conversations with them. Martin later put on a little club performance for them. The kids later on said about how inspired they were because of Martin in the end.

In conclusion, the way you act and your ethics matter more than what you put on the table. Bad ethics and manners will put you nowhere near or in the field. Martin Garrix therefore, deserves what he has now.

Written by Ammar Sophean Zulkifli, Year 9 student of Abedeen International School