Shiny and New



I was watching a TEDx Talk by Gautam Khetrapal back in November of last year. Mr Khetrapal asked his audience if they had a smartphone. The camera did not show the audience, but by the look of his expression, I am assuming a majority of them put their hands up. He then asked how many of them had the same phone in the past 2 years. Again, the camera did not show the crowd, but through his reaction, hardly anyone put their hands up.

Then he made an eye opening point.

“We want the latest OS (Operating System) in our mobiles, laptop, home appliance but the platform that impacts the entire humanity is more than 100 years old.”

What is the platform he is talking about? Education.

I must say, I am inclined to agree with Mr Khetrapal. Times have changed. We have changed. Technology, well you are most probably reading this from a device you never imagined we would have, so that is self explanatory. It would only be logical for schools to also experience an upgrade, to have a new Education System, in order for our children to get just as excited about learning as they are excited about having a gadget in their hands.

Alhamdulillah, Abedeen has established an education that promotes learning instead of teaching, where no student is left behind. Aside from classroom lessons, students are given time to reflect on their learning. They are given study time, where they automatically learn to manage their time; spend 30 minutes learning, 10 minutes of group discussion, 10 minutes consulting the teacher, 10 minute break.

It is a challenge. While the students adapt to a change in their learning habits, it is a challenge. Teachers and staff alike word twice harder to teach the students and imbue this positive habit. Parents too have had to adapt, and MasyaAllah, we have been blessed with parents who are open and aware that a change in their children’s education is much needed.

Student by student. Day by day.

‘Be a stand out in the crowd’

With love, inspiration & passion,
Iman Rozhan
Acting Principal
Abedeen Academy
-Developing World Leaders-