A whole new world

Parents love sending their children all the way to their classroom. This is taken as an opportunity for us to have quick chats with the parents, to hear what they have to say about their children’s progress. Some, leave us in tears.

Here is a story:

A mother shared that her 14 year old son, without being asked to, would now tidy his bedroom and clean the toilet. During prayers, he would invite the family to pray together, and has started making it a point to recite at least one page of the Quran daily. Much to her surprise, his younger sibling follows with no hesitation.

She let go a sigh of relief after sharing that. She was clearly happy with the changes, after barely a month of school. She further shared her belief that once her son holds on to solid life values, the academic success will follow, InsyaAllah.

May he achieve success, both in duniya and akhirah. Amin.

Warm regards

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