Moving for good

Who would have known that moving from my old school had benefited me.

Almost a year ago, my parents decided to move me to a new school. I felt very sad because of the idea of leaving my friends and my old memories and going to a place that is totally new and which i knew nothing about. It wasn’t easy.
The last days of school was very difficult for me. Many stuff happened and I ended up losing my friends because they said I was betraying them by leaving. So I left the school with a lot of sadness that no one can imagine.

My first day at the new school was unexpectedly nice. I adapted very quickly and as the days passed, we even became closer and closer to each other.

Who would have expected that moving to a new school would make me realize so many things about myself that I never saw before. I even found a new best friend. I pray to Allah that this friendship lasts.

Sometimes, the most unexpected things happen where new and beautiful moments are created. And many times, we start by hating something new in our life only to find our that it is the best thing to happen. Everything happens for a reason: It has been planned by the Divine Planner.

I have come to learn that I should not judge something form the start. Judging has consequences that could affect our future.


Afaf Ahmed Al-Najjar, Year 10 student of Abedeen Academy, an aspiring journalist