What if

What if one day at work, you are humiliated or mistreated by your employer. One of the world wide well known rights is labour rights. So what is labour rights and what happens if we neglect it?
Labour rights are a group of legal rights or obtained rights having to do with the relationship between the worker and employer, usually obtained under worker and employer laws. They are important to create a safe working environment.

*Workplace safety and health*
The workers have the right to a safe working place. That is why naturally, anyone who wants to start a private business will have to make sure the place used for the business is healthy and safe.

*Working hours*
For these workers who work more than the normal work hours, they have the right to get a higher salary. In certain countries, it is forbidden for children under the age of 16 to work. But for these countries that allow it, the children cannot work during school hours or skip school to work.

*Family and medical leave act*
All workers have the right to get a 12 day-paid-time-off for specific reasons like the birth of a child, the serious sickness of the worker, his parent, his kid or his partner.

Despite from all these rights, this still doesn’t mean that they do not have their responsibilities as well.┬áBeing honest, working hard, being on time and many other things are supposed to be satisfied by the workers.

If people started neglecting these rights and laws, the labour rate in the countries can decrease with many people quitting their jobs. Crimes of revenge might even happen and this would effect the country’s economy.

In order to prevent chaos in the workforce, we need to fight for the rights of students and employers to ensure a good life.

Afaf Ahmed Al-Najjar, Year 10 student of Abedeen Academy, an aspiring journalist.