My love is your love

In conjunction with World Humanitarian Day on 19th August, students were asked to carry out an act of humanity to a stranger. This project was made voluntary for compassion cannot be forced, instead, it is nurtured.

Here is the story of one student who wanted to share some of her wealth with others:

“I was assigned to do something humane by my English teacher. Therefore, last Saturday, my mother and I decided to buy Arabic food and donated the food to a local orphanage in Bandar Baru Bangi. I’ve never been to an orphanage so it was thrilling for me to see the environment there and how it is like. When we reached the orphanage, I was really shocked because the place was really well taken care of and clean. There were so many rooms and each room was spotless. The people there held a thanksgiving feast and tahlil for my aunt who currently has blood cancer.

I visited the orphanage and donated food to the young orphan teenagers because they are not able to eat big meals every day. I on the other hand, am super blessed. I have good food on my table. I even get whatever food I wished for. But the orphans, do not get to enjoy the same privilege. I wanted them to feel special and so I treated them with special food.

I’m so glad that my teacher encouraged me to do this food deed, I am forever grateful that I still have parents who buy and cook me good food every day. I remembered a hadith that says:

The Prophet pbuh said:

“The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be be together in paradise like this.”┬áThe Prophet then held his two finger together to illustrate. – Sahl ibn Sa’d

Fatin Ayunie binti Dato Ir Isa, Year 9 student of Abedeen Academy