The believers are but brothers

:“The believers are but brothers..” (49:1)
In the light of this Ayat, Abedeen Academy signed an agreement with Palestinian Culture Organization Malaysia (PCOM).
With this agreement, Abedeen Academy will award a full scholarship for five Palestinian students from different levels of education, and fifty partial sponsorship worth up to 40% for Arabic students who come from war zone countries Palestine, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.
This effort from Abedeen Academy is a real example of Muslims brothers supporting each other, landing a helping hand to those who have left their countries due to the aggression, injustice, and blockade happening in their own country. This action proves what Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “Good will remain in me and my Ummah until the Day of Resurrection.”

This is not the only support that Abedeen is providing for the Arabic people from war zone countries. There is a plan to establish learning associations for the Arabic community for primary and secondary levels.
Abedeen’s focus is to give support in the form of empowerment and development, and not temporary aid because they believe in the long term impact learning and education can bring to their students.

Join forces with us at Abedeen Academy to give our children a chance at a better future. Let us fill them with deen and love for learning, that they are able to make a difference in their lives, and the lives of others.

Warm regards from the Abedeen Team