In full gratitude


Abedeen Academy has taught me so much in the past 5 months. So far, it’s been a rollercoaster. After joining the school, I felt so much gratitude because of the friends I made and the superb teachers I see everyday. Before these past 5 months, I dreaded school. I didn’t have any motivation to continue my academics because of the environment I was in.

Besides the friends and teachers, I am also grateful for all the school trips I was in. Having been to so many school trips has made such an impact on me because it’s a rare occasion for me to go to these things. One of the trips that really made an impact was visiting the blind community. When I saw them and heard their story, I cried. It was a real eye opener for me because it’s devastating knowing that some of us take things for granted and not appreciate what they have. I was left humbled seeing how they make the best of their disability, with no grunts or complains. Then next time I feel upset for not having something, I will remember that there are others who have much less.

Thank you Abedeen for giving me these amazing opportunities.

Warm regards,

Fatin Ayunie binti Dato Ir Isa, Year 9 student of Abedeen Academy