Present day parenting is very challenging, especially with the many external distractions. Nevertheless, as parents, our children are an amanah on to us from Allah. It is our duty to nurture, educate and protect them as they grow into the next generation of leaders.
As working parents, we are sometimes left with only the weekends to spend with our children. While we are busy at work, apart from teachers, our children are in school all day with friends making them more influenced by the friends they make. This can be a good thing.

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Today less people read than they used to in the past and even less people read books now than in the past. However I stand on the notion that we should read real books (not e-books) more often for many reasons that I shall now elaborate.
First things first, reading a book increases intelligence. One form in which reading a book increases intelligence is crystallized intelligence. Crystallized intelligence is all factual knowledge that a person knows like vocabulary for example.

What lies ahead

What do you know about the grave? Do you only know that people go to the grave after death and it is a scary place because it is dark and no one is there? Here are the three most important information about the grave.

The grave is our second life which is called Al-Barzakh. Our first life is Dunya which is where we live in now, on earth. The life in the grave will be punishment for people who do evil and will be convenient for those who have acted rightly in their lives.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was born in July 356BC in Macedonia now known as Greece. He became one of the best leaders of all times. Here are some reasons why he became a great leader.
Firstly his father took good care of him and his education. For example he learnt wisdom and philosophy so that helped him to think as a leader.

Will power

Smoking is harmful for your health as it causes a lot of diseases. We see people around us who smoke and then suffer from diseases like heart attack, stroke, psoriasis and diabetes. Fortunately, there are some ways to stop smoking. However, if you keep smoking for a long time, you may end up dying or living a insufferable life.
The most important step in quitting smoking is to forget smoking by making yourself busy with activities. When our mind is focused on doing something or new things, we tend to ignore the urge to smoke.

A shoulder to cry on

When I was 12 years old, I had a lot of friends. Looking back now, my best friend was someone I really never thought as a friend. She is Alaa. I met Alaa at Abedeen Academy. At first I thought she did not want to be my friend and she looked like she hated me too. But now we are best friends!! Alaa is a nice girl, she respects everyone, even the people she does not know. In 2017, I came to Abedeen and met Alaa.

Do you like my picture?

These days people get judged a lot by their profile pictures. They get judged by their appearance, skin colour and random pictures. We have seen this happening everywhere but we can’t stop people from judging. People are easily judged through these ways so we need to be more aware on how they can influence us or mislead us.
First and foremost, people get judged by their facial appearance. They get judged because they don’t like how others look and there will be some negative comments like ‘ugly, disgusting, awful’.


Poverty is the lack of certain amount of material possessions or money. Poverty is a multifaceted concept, it means it has a lot of different aspects or features. Poverty may have social, economic and environmental effects. The entire country should stop poverty for two reasons.
Firstly, poverty can destroy the environment. The reason how poverty does this is through the rich people who hire the poor to cut trees down illegally and pay the poor people less money than expected. For example, deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia. Trees and plants gives us oxygen by taking in carbon dioxide.

Are you a sceptic?

Fortnite is the best game currently in the world. People of all ages play fortnite. These are the reasons why Fortnite is the best game in the world.
Firstly, every 75 days there is a major update called season and every 4-5 days there are mini updates too. Updates are only for making the game exciting as there are always something new to look forward too. For example in updates Fortnite adds new stuff such as a new weapon or a vehicle.

Social media

In this modern era, where everyone is very much interested in social networking, social networking sites have become a norm. Although some parents might think there are no advantages of it, teenagers are actually getting benefits from social networking.
The first benefit of social networking for teenagers is that it can help to strengthen friendships. When teens have healthy friendships, they do not only accept who they are, but they also feel less isolated and more connected to the world around them.