Alexander the Great

What’s great about Alexander the Great?

Alexander the Great was born in July 356BC in Macedonia now known as Greece. He became one of the best leaders of all times. Here are some reasons why he became a great leader.

Firstly his father took good care of him and his education. For example he learnt wisdom and philosophy so that helped him to think as a leader.

Secondly, Alexander the great conquered many countries like Egypt and Turkey. The Egyptians made Alexander the Son of Amun, the king of Egypt at that time. He was known to treat the conquered countries with dignity. For example he built houses for his soldiers and people on the Nile. Nobody was left out as he did not have favourites.

Lastly, he died at a very young age. Although he was only 32 years old but he conquered most of the Middle East and that is a pretty impressive achievement for a young man.

Written by Kareem Safwat Hassan, Year 7 student of Abedeen International School