Stop Poverty

Poverty is the lack of certain amount of material possessions or money. Poverty is a multifaceted concept, it means it has a lot of different aspects or features. Poverty may have social, economic and environmental effects. The entire country should stop poverty for two reasons.

Firstly, poverty can destroy the environment. The reason how poverty does this is through the rich people who hire the poor to cut trees down illegally and pay the poor people less money than expected. For example, deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia. Trees and plants gives us oxygen by taking in carbon dioxide. Now, with the increasing level of deforestation there are less oxygen given out, which may lead to pollution.

Secondly, poverty can destroy education in children. Poor children who rarely or never come to school may lack in speech and writing. A famous study by Hart and Risley in 1995 demonstrated that by the age of four, children from poor households hear 32 million fewer spoken words than their peers.

There are ways to prevent poverty. The common ways to prevent poverty are giving zakat to the poor, giving equal education to children and giving healthcare to the old and young.

In conclusion, poverty can destroy our environment and our children’s education.

Written by Nizam Atharrais Irawan, Year 8 student of Abedeen International School