Ready, set, GOAL


Football is one of the most merry sports there is. 22 men chasing after 1 ball. But, they all have a goal. Place the ball into the net. That is the goal.

Needless to say, having a goal gives us direction. That everything planned or executed, is with the intention of meeting the goal. Every argument, debate, disagreements, hustling, strategies, all happen in order to meet the goal.

Life, is just the same. In everything that we do, there must be a goal. It will turn out to be our reason, our goal.

So try this. Every day, set a goal. Something you desire to achieve. And start making strategies to achieve that goal. When you become a pro, start setting weekly goals. Have 3-5 goals a week, and strategise accordingly.

Right before leaving for their school holidays, the secondary students were asked to make a list of things they wanted to achieve over the school break; their goal. It ranged from wanting to lose weight, to doing revision, to taking up a sport, memorizing verses of the Quran, all the way to watching movies. When they returned today, they were asked if they feel that they had accomplished something over the break, and 90% of them raised their hands, acknowledging the fact that they had one of the most fruitful school holiday ever.

Set a goal. InsyaAllah, you will be able to achieve more.

Warm regards

Abedeen Academy

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