Look Ma, no hands

‘Teacher! I know how to change my clothes!!!!!’

Yes, with multiple exclamation marks because this student was ecstatic that she had mastered a new skill: Dressing up on her own.

The first 2 weeks was a struggle for her. Granted, as a 7 year old, mom and dad would always help her get dressed up. So when she had to get herself changed from school clothes to PE clothes, vice versa, she got very frustrated, and would end up crying to vent her frustrations out.

Parents clearly got worried that their little one was distraught, over getting changed. So we made a tiny adjustment to the timetable. For the lower elementary students, they would spend 15 minutes learning to get changed, and keeping their change of clothes tidily in their bag. We started this just a week ago. And today, this little girl is going home happy, having unlocked an achievement, Alhamdulillah.

We believe that this student has not only learnt to dress up today. But she learnt first hand that when she learns to do it, she will succeed.

The first weeks of school is always challenging. Especially for the lower elementary school students. They are experiencing a change in environment, rules and routine. Some are able to embrace the change, while some take longer to adapt.

A happy and positive minded student is very crucial in encouraging our students to learn. Getting upset about something as simple as getting changed could cause low self confidence, that would directly affect learning. This is the very reason Abedeen provides a holistic education that involves both academic and soft skills lessons for the students to develop into world leaders.


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