A little goes a long way



Over the past few days, I have had the chance to speak to several parents and I was enlightened by a consistent comment.

“My daughter/son has become more confident and has become more matured.”

“My child used be cry over small things. That has stopped since coming to Abedeen.”

Their children learned to grow up. As I was further chatting with the parents, we discovered that giving them a responsibility was the motivation. They were excited. They wanted to voice their ideas. They wanted to prove themselves. They wanted be a good example. They wanted to share their knowledge. They wanted us, the teachers to know that they too, know.

Alhamdulillah, Abedeenese lead the daily assembly. They coordinate clean up sessions. They prepare presentations and are given impromptu quizzes. Their learning goes beyond the textbook. All activities created, will lead them to becoming a leader of themselves, and one day, the world, InsyaAllah.

‘Be a stand out in the crowd’

Iman Rozhan
Acting Principal
Abedeen Academy
-Developing World Leaders-