Fun with poems

Preparing students for an exam has never been this fun.

As the PT3 students gear up for the examinations just around the corner, they were asked to write their own poem. Enjoy!

Acrostic Poem – HAPPINESS

Hanging out with your friends

Always being on time

Picnic on a sunny day

Playing with your pets

Indulging in a good book

Not staying awake till midnight

Educating little children

Satisfying marks on your exam

Smelling the scent of your mom’s cooking

Cinquains – Rollercoasters


Dreadful, fearful

Speeding, racing, zooming

The rush of emotions



An abandoned house

Is that an old ghost I see?

Quick, run for your life!

Question Poem – Have you?

Have you ever smelled smoke

From a fire crackling in the corner of the campsite?

Glowing embers move in rhythm.

Have you listened to thunder

Honest, breaking, dominating the little patch of sky?

I lay quiet, waiting for the weather to fly by.

Have you walked in a puddle

Chilling, muddy and cold?

I sometimes get nature’s wrath

I’d like to be Poem

I’d like to be a ballerina, dancing to the graceful music with my feet.

I’d like to be a writer, finding my favourite spots to write and read.

I’d like to be an astronaut, flying to Mars and forgetting Earth.

I’d like to be to be a doctor, helping the restless mothers with childbirth.

I’d like to be a teacher, teaching young kids how to speak.

I’d like to be my mother, cooking good meals for my family to eat.

Curse Poem


Your head is like the size of Jupiter and Saturn combined.


Your eye colour is not as special as everyone else’s.


Your legs are like currant jelly.


Your hands are hairy like the gorilla that escaped the zoo.


Your nostrils are shooting bullets


Why don’t you give poetry writing a try