The butterfly effect

While i was going through one of my social media accounts looking for some new ideas to write about, I found a very interesting topic which is called ‘The Butterfly Effect’.

The butterfly effect’s simplest definition is that a small action you do or a simple word you say can cause a major change later on in people’s lives, and that change usually is way bigger than the action itself. One of the most famous examples is Albert Einstein.
One day Albert Einstein came home from school with a letter and told her that the school gave it to him, to be given to her. After his mother read the letter, she told him it said that the school says he is so smart, that they can’t keep him in the school and he has to rest at home and get the knowledge while resting. During this period of his life, his mom kept improving the positive parts of Albert’s personality and talents until her grew up to become one of the most important physicians in the world. Until now, we use what he discovered to help us in life. One day, after his mom died, he went to her house and found a box where she used to keep all her memories, and found the paper the school gave him. He finally understood and realized that he was actually kicked out of school. If his mom had told him what the paper really said, he wouldn’t have become what he is and wouldn’t have made a difference in the world. Albert Einstein’s mother’s act of kindness created a majestic and innovative butterfly effect.

For me, I see myself creating a huge butterfly effect by 2070. I will be, God willing, a famous journalist who shows people the truth to help them change and be better humans. I want to inspire my community through my writing. I will start by leaving a positive memory and good finger print to the people around me.


Warm regards,

Afaf Ahmed Al-Najjar, Year 10 student of Abedeen Academy