Excuse me

After spending 45 minutes to decipher a block graph in class, the students identified five questions to ask their fellow friends at Abedeen. The questions revolved around the things their friends like the most. Once their teacher approved the questions they chose to ask, they were ready to run their survey of what their friends liked the most.

Before they started, they practiced proper etiquette to conducting a survey.

Step 1: Start by giving ‘salam’ or a greeting

Step 2: Ask for permission to ask a few questions for a survey

Step 3: Proceed with survey question once permission is granted

Step 4: End with ‘Thank you’

They were done within 1 hour and had some fun creating their own block graph.

At Abedeen, learning is never a linear process. Mathematics is not just about numbers and counting. English is not just about speaking and writing. Science is not just about concepts, anatomy and chemicals. In every class, regardless of the subject, students learn life lessons: teamwork, manners, being a mentor, sharing, compromising, even brotherhood and sisterhood.

Warm regards from the Abedeen team.