Going back in time

A child knows no boundaries. As long as they are given a chance to learn, they will want to learn. As long as there is an opportunity to explore, they will explore. At Abedeen, one of our responsibilities is to allow our students to embrace their desire for knowledge. We do this by encouraging them to do the things they love, as long as it is educational for them.

One of our teachers made a sand timer for one of the Year 1 Mathematics lesson on time. Little did she expect for the students to be more excited of the sand timer than the lesson! Even before the lesson started, they all asked if they could make a sand timer for themselves. They asked for it? They got it! We stepped back in time and created a sand timer for everyone in the class.

Mathematics is more than just about numbers. It involves understanding the instruments used to develop formulas and calculations  in order to derive an answer. It is also about our children appreciating the discoveries from the past that have made their lives easy and comfortable.

Warm regards from the Abedeen team.