The Ripple Effect

Albert Einstein’s quote that play is the highest form of research is true in every sense. Many times here at Abedeen, we have witnessed the beauty of students learning through doing, and more importantly, having fun while they are at it.

Recently, the Year 3 students were inspired by a Science experiment conducted by the Year 7 students. The Year 7 students created a model of a volcano and showed how a certain chemical reaction causes an eruption. The concept of a volcano vomiting lava that comes from inside the earth got these Year 3 students curious and they wanted to learn more about volcanoes.

So during their General Knowledge class, we shared videos and information about how a volcano is formed and erupts. We continued serving their curiosity by sharing parts of the world that have volcanoes, both active and non-active ones.

We had it all planned from there on. We were going to share information about other natural disasters.

One week passed since the lesson on volcanoes. We had videos lined up for a lesson on earthquake.

“Teacher, I already watched the video on earthquake, tsunami and hurricane.”

They had looked these disasters up on their own. So for the remaining of the lesson, they shared what they understood of the natural disasters, and for the benefit of others, we shared the videos of an earthquake.

Let us allow our children to explore and learn from each other. We never know what might spark their interest and inspire their thirst for knowledge.

Warm regards from the Abedeen Team

The day the Year 7 students ignited the spirit of the Year 3 students