A place like no other

Abedeen Academy: A place that has given me a lot of inspiration, A place that makes me say, every single night before I went to sleep, “You are doing good today. Try to be better than today”. A place of battle where I can see every single moment the people around me here struggle to be better. A place that has helped me find my personality and in simple words of mine, a place of thousand thoughts.

Being in a new environment is a challenge for me. A challenge that I never thought I could face. But now, I am surrounded by awesome people, awesome educators and extraordinary students, who give me thousands of opportunities to learn something different that I could not get it during my study time. They have taught me a lot. They taught me to become positive, matured, and strong and most importantly, they taught me to get out of the comfort zone I used to live in. I have learned to become independent and solve problems. There isn’t any book written about the best way to handle a situation with a specific person and with special methods from A-Z. I realise now that I do not need a book. I just need to do it. I feel so grateful to be in an environment of positive energy that brings big impact to the people here.

People teach and learn in different kinds of ways. It could be through actions, it could be verbal. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you still learn till the end of time. There is no limit to gaining knowledge. The system is totally different from other schools. Coming from a normal school, I can say that the way we as educators train the students to be a good human is very unique. We do not focus 100% on academic, but being human is also being considered. This is the first school that implements a system where leadership, communication skills and values are a priority. Our students are born as a white cloth. Their parents have painted colours on them, but we as educators help to make a better design of the cloths. We show them good examples. We show them the right way of doing something and at the same time, we as educators do exactly the same things they do. It is not about telling them what to do, it’s doing it with them.

Educating is not only a job where you come and go and wait until the end of month to get the pay. This is big Amanah (responsibility) has been given to me by the Almighty. I have been given this opportunity to be surrounded by extraordinary people. Why should I waste this chance? This is only the beginning of my battle here. I will keep trying my best for my students. I dream for that one day where my students will come to me and say “I have succeeded”. Thank you O Lord for this opportunity. Thank you Abedeen Academy.

If you have always dreamt of making a difference to the next generation, whether as a parent or as an educator yourself, pay us a visit. And experience a life changing education.

Warm regards,

Nurhazirah Halmi, Abedeen Academy Science and Chemistry Teacher